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Our site is the premier provider for information about Gouldian finches. Here you can get medication, health care and supplements for finches. Our premium baby hatchlin2breedinggouldians - Shop Now!g food is the best choice for baby hatchlings. We use superior quality Leach grains and seeds which are specifically formulated for our Gouldians.’

Frisky Finches carries a wide variety of premium quality fresh bird and finch seeds, nutritional and health care products, avian medications, breeding supplies, pest control, finch bands, access to books, information and a complete step by step detailed guide with instructions on how to be successful breeding and maintaining your Lady Gouldian Finches. You should be able to find everything necessary to maintain your Lady Gouldian Finches or any finch here in our shopping pages. If you cannot find what your looking for please let us know and we will do our best to help you get what you need. Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Every item we offer at Frisky Finches by mail order we view as being of premium quality and an excellent value. All of our products promise to be, dollar-for-dollar, pound for pound, the best value you’ll find anywhere. These products really work! They are the same ones we’ve been using for more than 10 years with our own Gouldian finches. We also bring you innovative new ideas you will not find anywhere else to save you time. We’ve done the research for you and taken the costly guess work out of it!

Lady Gouldian Finches

At Frisky Finches we feel our Lady Gouldian Finches are some of the highest quality and the most beautiful birds you can find anywhere. We have put a tremendous amount of research, testing and effort into developing the genetics of our finches to produce some of the largest, beautiful and healthy birds available. You will find our birds to be better parents and breeders than Gouldians raised from other aviaries who foster raise their birds with society finches. All of our Gouldians are raised outdoors by Gouldian finch parents. We leave our young birds in with their parents to be taught by the parent Gouldians how to feed and raise their next batch of new hatchlings. This greatly improves their success in becoming excellent breeders themselves. Our customers are always letting us know how successful they are breeding Gouldians with the birds they have purchased from us. We are confident you will also be successful with them.

Seed & Feed Mixes

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Shopping Spray Millet

Frisky Finches offers Superior Quality Bird Seeds “Guaranteed Fresh”!!! Our seeds are purchased in bulk directly from Leach Grain & Milling, known in the industry as a leading provider of superior quality bird seeds. The seeds are delivered to us direct from the plant where they are processed and bagged right off the trucks, just harvested from the growers fields. You cannot shop for fresher seed anywhere!

We then blend our seeds with a special formula of concentrated avian nutritional supplements we have developed over the years and are now making available to everyone at very competitive prices. This highly charged nutritional formula will dramatically increase dietary protein and help you to produce strong, healthy beautiful birds. You will be amazed with the results compared to ordinary store bought bird seeds, grit and oyster shells. These blended products are exclusive to Frisky Finches and is not available anywhere else.

Our secret formula of specialty blend avian powders includes two types of concentrated calcium’s, concentrated multiple vitamins, chelated minerals, trace elements, “organic iodine” and amino acids developed and tested for many years with our own birds which have been proven to produce tremendous results. These nutritional additives will improve fertility and egg development in your birds for successful breeding, they greatly help to reduce the stress of feather development and produce superior health in all adult birds. Our formula also promotes rapid growth in hatchlings so your birds can raise large healthy chicks.

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Shop Baby Hatchling Mash

Frisky Finches exclusive seed mixes are blended right here at our facility and have been designed, tested and proven for many years with our own Lady Gouldian Finches. We have had such wonderful results with our products and due to customers requests over the years we have decided to share them with everyone so all avian enthusiasts can experience the same success we have had with our birds.

In addition to our exclusive blends of premium Gouldian Finch Seed Mixes, we also offer our own special formula of avian super charged ingredients in our grit, oyster shells and baby hatchling food.

Frisky Finches “Premium bird seeds” are guaranteed to be pest and bug free. All bird seed has flower moth eggs and other insect eggs already mixed in with the seed when it is harvested from the farmers fields. During the warm summer months these eggs will begin to hatch into larva which will eat the bird seed and eventually turn into beetles, moths and other undesirable pests. In the past the only way to avoid this was to keep your seed frozen to eliminate this problem.

We have added a small amount of food grade ingestible diatomaceous earth into both of our “Premium” seed blends which will kill any hatching insect larva and will also eradicate any crawling insects which may try to get into your seeds where they are stored. This is perfectly safe for your birds and we have been using it for many years.

Another added benefit from the diatomaceous earth we add is it will help to kill any internal worms your birds might get from ingesting the seeds they eat on a daily basis. We are confident you and your birds will love it!

If you need more information or larger sized bags of bird seed please CONTACT US!

Nutrition & Health Care Products

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Premium Seed Blend

We carry a full line of products for proper bird and finch nutrition and health care. All our products have been tested with our own Lady Gouldian Finches for your piece of mind and assured success! These products are all guaranteed to be bird & finch safe if used as directed!

Frisky Finches exclusive blends of “bird grit”, “oyster shells” and Hatchling foods are also mixed here at our facility and are not available in pet stores or anywhere where else! These nutritionally7-18-06_Bird_Foods_003 charged formulas have evolved from many years of avian research and testing with our own Lady Gouldian Finches.

Our specialty formulas will dramatically increase dietary proteins and needed nutritional supplements to assist in bringing your birds into molting and breeding condition while providing a full spectrum of calcium’s, vitamins, chelated minerals, trace elements, “organic iodine” and amino acids and other ingredients necessary to improve fertility in adult birds, promote healthy feather development, enhance baby hatchling growth and stimulate the immune system to establish a healthy digestive tract in all your birds!

Avian Medications

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Please shop our Avian Medications page if your looking for preventative solutions that will help keep your birds healthy year round. We also carry a selection of medicine that could help to cure your sick birds…





Breeding Supplies

Feather_GlowWe consider our breeding supplies and accessories to be made of the highest quality materials available at very competitive prices. We believe you will find our nesting boxes, nesting materials, feed and water containers, finch carrying cages, bird bands and all of our avian breeding products to your total satisfaction.






Pest Control Supplies


Quality tested and proven “Finch & Bird Safe” parasite and insect pest control products to control bugs and parasites on or around your bird’s, cages and aviaries. These products will control pests like lice, air sac mites, feather mites, feather fly’s, leg and scaly face mites, ants spiders and most other Flying or crawling bugs around your birds, finches & Lady Gouldians.





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Disclaimer: The author of this website is not a licensed veterinarian. The information and advise contained within is only offered as a basic introduction to the Gouldian Finch and comes from over 25 years personal experience breeding this species. Our success is also attributed to 50 years of accumulated avian knowledge breeding various other bird species, veterinary advise, research and discussions with other professional breeders.